Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lisa's very first Bear Isabelle

Well I am finished with my bear class for 7 weeks as the lady who is teaching me has gone on holidays for the next 7 weeks. I have been so busy for the last 3 weeks making my beautiful bear. I am so happy with her and she will sit on my desk to remind me how well I have done for my very first bear. I have named her Isabelle I love that name so much and that is where I have come up with my name for my bears My name is Lisa and I shortened isabella so that How I came up with Lisa bella bears. Have a beautiful day Lisa XoXo

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Photos of my bears at home

I know I have already done two posts today but I just wanted to show you some of my bears at home. the first photo is my new addtion I have given her the name Isabella tinky she is made by sharron hale of Shaz bears thanks sharron she is just beautiful the second photo is a couple of pink bears I have had for a couple of years I love anythink pink and the others are ones I have had for about 4 years they are old vintage style. hope you enjoyLisa xxx


I thought I would just share a couple of photo's with you all. I love looking at photo's on other blogs sites. The first photo is a Jenny Loves Benny Bear I have in my shop and the second photo is a Upsy Daisy Bear that I also have in the shop for sale. Lisa xxx

Bear classes

Well this is my first post on Lisa Bella Bears. Starting Monday I will be taking bear classes so I can get all those extra bits right that I have alway struggled with I have made a couple of bears before but nothing to boost about. I have alway loved artist bear and have made cloth dolls for about 8 years and thought I would like to add something to my dolls so I thought of bears and dolls they alway go together well. So you will see next week my first bear completed so keep watching this space, I will be selling my bears and dolls together so hopefully by the beginning of september I will have my first bear listed for sale. (If all goes well) Have a beautiful day Lisa xxx